Testimonials from Previous Customers

A small selection of testimonials received from previous very happy customers.


“We have all been raving about your food and your name has been passed around many local businesses” – Charity Fund Raising Event, January 2018.

“We shall certainly be using you all the time in future and recommending that other people use you as well. Really interesting variety of food, very fresh, and the quality and quantity are not compromised whatsoever.” – A local business in Lancaster, 2017

“We do evaluation forms at the end of the course and the catering scored 100%” – Local Business, 2017

“Thank you very much indeed for such an abundant and mouthwatering spread: everyone said how varied and delicious the food was, and those with special dietary needs were delighted that, for once, they did not find themselves having to resort to pecking at a bowl of crisps! It was a wonderful contribution to a very happy occasion, and we are grateful to you for all the thought and skill you put into it.” – Richard (wedding reception)

“Thank you so much for helping to make the dinner party such a memorable and fantastic evening.” – Allie (private dinner party in rented holiday cottage), Summer 2017.